Effects For Recording In DAW

ampLion Pro

ampLion Pro9 guitar preamps, 7 power amps, 12 guitar speaker models and way much more - that's ampLion Pro. Modern technologies bring you an ultra-precise simulation of many famous guitar gear. Ready for studio as well as the stage.


Multi Drive Pedal

Guitar Line Multi Drive PedalIs a compact plug-in that contains simulations of eight time-tested drive pedals.  Get your own TS9, Rat and six more real classics for a real rock sound!


Audiffex Pedals

Audiffex PedalsAudiffex Pedals is a large set of various effects with simple control, intuitive interface. The set contains distortions, equalizers, modulation, reverb and delay and many more. The set offers unlimited possibilities of chaining and combining, allowing to create traditional or experimantal guitar sounds.



inValveinValve is a family of three software models of famous TL Audio electronic tube sound processors. The exact simulation of the tubes gives the sound an unmistakable warmth, so typical for the tubes. InValve consists of the following plug-ins: Preamp, Equalizer and Compressor.

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