MIDI setup

  • interFX Pro allows to open software instruments and connect them to MIDI keyboards. You need to set up MIDI to route notes from connected keyboards to the loaded instruments.
  • To learn more: Read the complete MIDI notes tutorial.

Working with programs

  • Programs can be loaded, stored, downloaded from our web database and published on the web.

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  • To learn more: Read the complete Working with Programs and Banks tutorial.

Track Playback

  • interFX Pro allows to accompany your performance. The track Player unit allows to play files possibly slowing them down, making easier your practicing.

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  • To learn more: Read the complete Playback tutorial.


  • Use the recording section of the Track Player unit to record your performance.

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  • To learn more: Read the complete Recording tutorial .

MIDI controls

  • interFX Pro allows to control parameters of the built in or 3rd party plug-ins by MIDI. Create Control routes in the MIDI panel to assign MIDI controllers to parameters.

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  • To learn more: Read the complete Assign MIDI controls to effect parameters tutorial.

Sending MIDI to external devices

interFX Pro Extensions

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