NRV10 interFX

Use your Mac or PC computer as a flexible external effect unit for NRV10.

M-Audio NRV10 is an analog mixer with built-in 10-in and 10-out digital audio interface. We created the interFX application in cooperation with M-Audio to enhance the mixer's capabilities by using external VST effects.

Windows Mac OS Mac Universal binary NRV10 interFX screenshot

NRV10 Hardware

To learn more about the NRV10 mixer, you can read its description here.

NRV10 interFX and interFX Pro

NRV10 mixer comes bundled with a simpler version of our interFX application. The bundled version allows you to open 2 VST effects per track. Upgrading to interFX Pro, you will get:

  • ability to use more plug-ins
  • MIDI control
  • software instruments support
  • recording and playback
  • ReWire support

Sharing the best features with the whole inTone family

  • All interFX programs (presets) are compatible with the inTone family. You get the complete guitar processing purchasing interFX Pro.
  • You get many additional presets from our web database.
  • interFX playlists are compatible with inTone playlists.
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