Audified at Musikmesse 2014: A brief summary.


Musikmesse 2014 was a great opportunity for Audified to present its entire portfolio to many visitors and partners in the music industry. This short clip is just a brief reminder of what the atmosphere at such a world-known event was like.



Several products and professional audio solutions were introduced: e.g. fully programmable application for audio playback 'SceneFlow', wireless digital audio transmitters 'PAir' or recording software enabling perfectly described audio 'ReMark'. Major attention, though, was drawn to a unique controlling technology SCENE integrated in Audified DSP processors as well as in devices manufactured by TC Electronic (System 6000) or Dynaudio (AIR speakers).

'SceneBox' can be regarded the flagship of Audified hardware, in which SCENE technology is successfully used. SceneBox is controlled by a software plug-in behaving as a plug-in modul in particular projects. However, it can equally be programmed in a computer and used efficiently even after the computer is disconnected. At present, there are two types of SceneBox available - Anti Feedback and Auto Mixer. For more information, visit


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