Frankfurt 2014: Audified PAir


Audified introduced PAir - wireless audio bridge and USB audio interface

ReMark allows a detailed textual description of a recording, individual tracks and inserted time marks. Selected set of tracks can further be exported in compressed stereo to a local or network destination.
Meetings, sessions, training courses, lectures and other conference-like events – these are places where ReMark can be efficiently made us of. On top of that, it can be easily used for educational purposes, e.g. when analyzing compositions.
A network player is also available.

One of the products that visitors of Musikmesse 2014 could notice in the Audified booth was PAir - a pairing device capable of wireless sound distribution.

PAir includes a transmitter either with USB plug or with stereo line audio input enabling connection with an external source (such as mp3/CD player, broadcasting studios, hi-fi sets at home, headphones output on a cell phone, tablet, or notebook) and a specific amount of receivers (up to 8 units). This offers a comfortable way to get audio signal where required within one facility or create surround system within one room.

Simple use, reliable functioning, digital transfer preventing from unpleasant and unwanted noise when connection is unexpectedly interrupted, and plenty of combinations are ranked as main advantages Audified PAir.

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