Frankfurt 2014: Audified SceneFlow


Audified shows SceneFlow at Musikmesse Frankfurt

ReMark allows a detailed textual description of a recording, individual tracks and inserted time marks. Selected set of tracks can further be exported in compressed stereo to a local or network destination.
Meetings, sessions, training courses, lectures and other conference-like events – these are places where ReMark can be efficiently made us of. On top of that, it can be easily used for educational purposes, e.g. when analyzing compositions.
A network player is also available.

Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014 offered many chances to view and compare a great deal of products stemming from different areas of music industry. Audified got in the game with a professional playback system SceneFlow.

SceneFlow is a highly sophisticated and comfortably controllable player capable of full utilization at places where playback music is required for various reasons. Network operation, touchscreen support, redundancy (backup audio server) are considered major assets of the system.

The network protocol uses Audified SCENE technology which allows handling of remote hardware as a part of the control computer.

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