Frankfurt 2014: SCENE technology by Audified


Audified introduces SCENE technology and solutions at Frankfurt Musikmesse


SCENE: Software Controlled Extended Network Equipment.

Software Controlled

SCENE is a universal platform allowing audio software to access any networked devices. The software part is realized as plug-ins of common formats (VST or AU). All plug-in functionality and attributes, such as presets, parameters or automation are supported. The data format is based on XML and supports hierarchical storage and easy access to any desired information.

Extended Network

SCENE is not limited to standard computer networks. It creates required layers to exchange data between software and hardware, handling translation between industry standard protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, USB HID, AVB, SPI, I2C, MIDI, DMX and any other.

For special applications, proprietary third party protocols and interfaces are supported.


Thanks to modularity and hierarchical structure of the transmission data, the SCENE technology can control almost anything. Currently, it is  Audified rack processors, Audified servers and some third party devices.


SCENE products:

  • Audified SCENE BOX is a versatile 1U audio processor.
  • Audified SCENEFLOW is a networked software playback solution.
  • TC Electronic System 6000 Control is an extension of the legendary system.
  • Dynaudio AIR Control allows control of the famous audio monitors.
  • Audified SCENEMIX is a networked software mixing console.



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