Audiffex released completely redesigned inTone 2


inTone 2

inTone 2 is fully rewritten. The original inTone for Mac was developed as a Carbon application opening VST 2 plug-ins. The new version is a pure Cocoa application, 64-bit compliant, utilizing modern software technologies. It uses Audio Unit versions of built-in and third party plug-ins.

inTone 2 will be available for Mac in September 2013 and for Windows in December 2013

inTone 2

New features

  • A Preset List manager added - allows to create lists of presets for live performance with MIDI, keypad and mouse switching
  • The mixer window is the primary window of the application
  • The mixer window shows all important controls, including the signal routing, playback controls and preset management
  • Presets can be organized in PresetLists - similar to Playlists. This allows easy preset changes┬áduring your performances.
  • Track Player output can be processed by effects
  • Track Player output can be included in recording
  • Track Player output can be sent to individual outputs or to the Master Chain
  • Track Player status is saved in presets
  • Track Player can not only speed up or slow down the playback, but also allows fine or semitone pitch changes
  • Individual volume for each track in a playlist
  • Any individual chain can be recorded
  • An extra recorder can be placed at any position in the effect chain
  • Individual Chains can be stored and loaded
  • Chains can be locked when loading a preset
  • An Aux chain is added with a possibility of output to selectable direct out channels or to the master chain
  • All features can be controlled by MIDI, not only plug-ins.
  • Each Effect Chain has a selectable color. Track Player, Track Recorder and some Audiffex plug- ins are displayed with the same interface color to be easily distinguished.


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