New version of inValve studio processors


Audiffex released a new version of the inValve effects - 1.8. The update is free for all customers who purchased inValve for PowerCore or inValve Native.

inValve Preamp

inValve Compressor

inValve Equaliser

The product page is here

New features:

  • RTAS, AU 64 bit, VST 3 support
  • Completely redesigned look
  • Edited values are shown on the display
  • Possibility to type numeric values in the display
  • Mouse wheel parameter control
  • Plug-ins can handle 1-8 channels without a need to use the special multichannel version (standard and multichannels versions merged into one universal version)
  • Customers using OS X 10.5 or PPC computers should use version 1.5.


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