inTone Presets

To extend the diversity of factory presets or presets you have created, download additional preset banks here.

inTone 2 users:

  • Download the preset banks and keep them anywhere on your drive.
  • Then select Import Bank from the Preset menu of inTone 2.
  • Keep the window with the list of presets open, load the presets one by one (Double-click or Enter)

inTone 1 users:

After downloading the bank, copy the file to the banks folder. By default, this is

  • Mac OS: [home]/Music/Audiffex/Programs/
  • Windows: [home]/Documents/Audiffex/Program Banks/

inTone Guitar presets and sounds (Presets work also in any version of inTone 2)

inTone Bass presets and soundsĀ (Presets work also in any version of inTone 2)

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