inTone 2: Player, mixer, recorder and effect processor.

An ultimate building box for live performance.

  • Prepare sets of software instruments, effects and tracks for playback. Load the prepared sets by one mouse click or MIDI button when performing live
  • Sophisticated Track Player with loops, auto pause, MIDI fader start, pitch and tempo adjustments
  • Recording of input channels, auxes or master
  • Opens 36 built in effects and 3rd party Audio Unit effects and instruments
  • Advanced functions for smooth live operation - preset lists for each show, complete MIDI control, coloring and layout options for good overview

inTone Mixer

Elegant software mixer loaded with effects, playback and recording


inTone Keys

Station for software instruments, two audio input processing chains for vocals or acoustic instruments, playback and recording


inTone Playback

Mixing 4 audio file playbacks with two external audio sources


inTone Guitar

Guitar effect processor opening tons of factory or user presets prepared for inTone 1


What's new in inTone 2

inTone 2 is fully rewritten. The original inTone for Mac was developed as a Carbon application opening VST 2 plug-ins. The new version is a pure Cocoa application, 64-bit compliant, utilizing modern software technologies. It uses Audio Unit versions of built-in and third party plug-ins.

  • The mixer window is the primary window of the application
  • The mixer window shows all important controls, including the signal routing, playback controls and preset management
  • Presets can be organized in PresetLists - similar to Playlists. This allows easy preset changes during your performances.
  • Track Player output can be processed by effects
  • Track Player output can be included in recording
  • Track Player output can be sent to individual outputs or to the Master Chain
  • Track Player status is saved in presets
  • Track Player can not only speed up or slow down the playback, but also allows fine or semitone pitch changes
  • Individual volume for each track in a playlist
  • Any individual chain can be recorded
  • An extra recorder can be placed at any position in the effect chain
  • Individual Chains can be stored and loaded
  • Chains can be locked when loading a preset
  • An Aux chain is added with a possibility of output to selectable direct out channels or to the master chain
  • All features can be controlled by MIDI, not only plug-ins.
  • Each Effect Chain has a selectable color. Track Player, Track Recorder and some Audiffex plug-ins are displayed with the same interface color to be easily distinguished.
Windows Mac OS Mac Universal binary VST inTone Keys Pro

Effects inside

inTone 1 comes with a large set of VST or AU effects.

  • inTone 2: 36 effects, Track Player module and Track Recorder module
  • inTone | Guitar, inTone | Bass: 27 effects
  • inTone | Keys, inTone | Matrix: 36 effects

Infinite expandability

inTone opens the bundled effects as well as 3rd party instruments and effects. Even if you like any sound of a competitive software solution, you can use it in inTone.

inTone has a low latency audio engine. So the delay between you hit a key and you hear the generated sound is very short, you won't recognize it.

Play simultaneously with your favorite artists. Slow down playback to ease your practicing.

MIDI control

  • change one scheme of instruments, effects, aux and master effects for another one, completely different
  • set presets for all the software effects and instruments
  • set parameters of all effects and instruments
  • set mixer levels for instruments, aux send and aux return levels
  • send a MIDI Program Change to all external instruments, effect processors, mixers and other hardware devices, controllable by MIDI
  • connect MIDI keyboards to the software instruments and external hardware instruments with all zones and layers
  • set up MIDI controller assignments


inTone is simply inexpensive

inTone 2

  • $7 for one processing chain


inTone 1

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