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Let us share some of the feedback we receive. If you want to share your thoughts or have used our products in your recordings, get in touch with us at We will be happy to read and listen!

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  • Focusing back on Audiffex for a moment, I think their stomp pedal collection is killer. Pack of 36 pedals of every conceivable stripe. Very versatile. I get a lot of use out of the mod pedals for non-guitar stuff as well. Great sound. (...) And everything is recently x64 native. Great stuff. (Effect Pedals)

    -- BERFAB (

  • Purely amazing EXACT SOUNDING replica! Screw amplitube, screw guitar rig, screw vandal this one is the bomb! Way to come out of nowhere and kick some tail! (ampLion)

    -- mastermindjacquard (

  • I LOVE this app! The only problem is that every amp sounds so great, I have a hard time choosing one to use! (ampLion)

    -- Bruce Miller (email)

  • I must say, I am very impressed with your company and its products. I can’t wait to show off my new “toys” to my band mates. I will be sure to recommend Audifffex as a solid performance and recording technical solution provider whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you!

    -- Kelly Shelton (email)

  • These Pedal VSTs are fantastic. I'd really be lost without them at this stage (Effect Pedals)

    --Daniel Hogan (email

  • Thank you so much, works like charm! When people see what you can do with it, it really blows their mind. Thanks for making a great product and for the outstanding support. (inTone Guitar Pro)

    -- Skyler Paegle (email)

  • It's good to have support like yours...

    -- Dirk Reinking (email)

  • Thank you very much for restoring faith in software companies!

    -- Tim Kenny (email)

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