About Audiffex

Audiffex is a software company specialized in multimedia development, developing audio effects, host applications, audio players and recorders and special solutions. It is a private company fully owned by DISK Multimedia, s.r.o.

Audiffex history

  • Software development started in 1999 under the label DSound, founded by Petr Krkavec of DISK Multimedia.
  • The company developed one of the first software solutions for guitar.
  • The company pioneered the development of audio applications for live (real-time) performance.
  • We had one of the first audio applications running on Mac OS X with the native mach-o executable format.
  • We developed the first VST plug-ins and host running together on the Intel Mac.
  • DSound & C-Mexx joined forces in D-Mexx, a company developing software for large installations, networked audio solutions etc.
  • In 2007, the company was brought back to its original development - new host applications and new effects were released.
  • During the existence of our company there appeared some other D-Sound and DSound labels, furthermore one important Windows system library had the same name. We decided to rename the company, assigning it a quite unique name: Audiffex.
  • Simultaneously we have renamed GT Player to inTone. We have maintained the graphic interface, but the application is completely rewritten.


Email: info@audiffex.com
Cell Phone: +420 608 666 337 (7 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST)
Phone: +420 516 454 769
Fax: +420 516 456 363

Shipping Address:

Sokolska 13
680 01 Boskovice
Czech Republic

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